Catholic Education South Australia



Students in Years 4 to 5 have the opportunity to train in a Junior Choir. Our junior choir participates in school performances, masses and supports the wider community (ie. Relay for Life, ANZAC Day Dawn Service and Nursing Home visits).

This is a preparatory Choir to help students develop their voice technique.

Students in Year 6 and 7 have an opportunity to participate in the Senior Choir which also becomes the Catholic Music Festival Choir. Each year we take 16-36 students to the Festival Theatre to sing with a mass childrens choir. This is organised in combination wih the Catholic Education Office. The amount of talent in our Catholic School System is staggering and we are very proud to be part of this celebration of music.

Tech Crew

Each year we have a group of year 6/7 children who are trained to operate the sound system, lighting racks and projector in the SAMMAT. They support staff in the running of assemblies, masses and performances.