Catholic Education South Australia

Parent Teams/ Volunteers


Our aim for the Parent Teams at St Brigid's Catholic School is:

  • To support the strategic plan of the School Board so that the wellbeing of our children, families and staff can flourish. It is our aim to ensure every member of our community can display positive emotions, are engaged in the life of our school,  have established and maintained healthy relationships, are able to achieve a sense of purpose and feel a strong sense of accomplishment in being associated with St Brigid's Catholic School.
  • To build and sustain community spirit and a welcoming environment for existing and new families through the provision of a range of social events.
  • To work in partnership with staff and students to identify additional resources which will enrich the learning program at our school and to undertake fundraising events to purchase these items in collaboration with the school board.
  • To establish a strong pastoral network to assist students and their families in times of need.
  • To consolidate the faith dimension of our school and parish through participation in liturgical events.
  • To sustain and build the skills and knowledge of our parents to enable them to undertake their significant role in raising healthy and resilient children.
  • To promote our school in the wider community.

Volunteers Training

Responding to abuse and neglect

Any new volunteer to St Brigid’s needs to meet with the Principal or his nominee to undertake a 1 hour workshop. We will offer this training over 4 workshops in T 4 2015 (Combination of morning, afternoon or evening sessions).

Who are our Parent Teams?

The St Brigid's Parent Teams are made up of parents who have a vested interest in providing opportunities for the students at St Brigid's which may otherwise not occur.

Over past two years the Parent Teams have provided:

  • Sausage sizzles at school performances and sports day
  • Mothers and Father's Day stalls
  • Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday
  • Cabaret
  • Morning Teas for new parents during transition mornings
  • Food Tree providing meals for families in need
  • Kytons Easter produce
  • Student discos
  • Free parent educational workshops
  • Girls Night In shopping evening
  • Catering for out of school events
  • Redesigning the gardens around the school

Some events have raised money to help finance:

Parent Teams/ Volunteers