Catholic Education South Australia

In an increasingly complex world, the need to use language in an effective manner for a variety of purposes, situations and audiences has become of prime importance. Literacy is the ability to read, view, write and speak appropriately in a range of contexts.

Student's learning is built on what they have learnt outside of school. Teaching in our school is based on what children already know and can do. It is important that the different linguistic knowledge and experiences of students is not denigrated, it should be valued and used to extend the understanding of linguistic diversity of all students in the class.

The English and literacy program is supported by additional Key Literacy Teachers who:

  • Review of Literacy within current policy, identify trends in Educational Accountability and effective assessment of student learning.
  • Identify Literacy needs of individual students (with adaptive Ed Teacher)
  • Provide effective assessement tools, before and after assessment for whole school information gathering.
  • Early Years Assessment ie EYA Implementation of support teachers/parents and make effective use of information received re student's needs.
  • Organise/monitor/order appropriate reading texts/Lexiles in conjunction with the library
  • Provide professional development to staff and use of data eg Naplan and EYA for learning improvement
  • Implementation of Australian Curriculum - literacy
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