Catholic Education South Australia

Behaviour Education

The key focus is educating our students in what are appropriate and desirable social behaviours that will help them become accepted among their peers and the wider community.

St Brigid's Catholic School acknowledges that children learn and grow in a community who live, love and reconcile. This community is not immune to the influences of the values of a society that does not reflect the values of Jesus. This requires learning that is active.

For students to learn responsibility, the school in partnership with you, their parents need to provide opportunities for practising responsibility and collaboration.

Through a Policy on Behaviour Education and Personal Responsibility, students will be enabled to take risks in accepting responsibility for themselves and to understand that consequences lead to self discipline and independence.

All students learn these skills in an age appropriate and developmental way so some may develop these skills before others in their age group. Our aim is to support all children to acquire these desirable qualities in their interactions with others.

Behaviour Education