Catholic Education South Australia

Pastoral Care

We care for our children socially and emotionally, as well as academically.

St Brigid's Catholic School offers programs such Seasons for Growth and small group support for children with needs in these areas.  This support is offered in collaboration with Di Childs (Counsellor).


Di Childs runs our professional counselling service. She attends every  Monday &Tuesday and specifically works with children. Adult consultations for a fee can be made by arrangement with her.

Students up to the age of 9 years need parental permission to attend counselling sessions. From 10 years children can self refer, however the counsellor with the permission of the child and using her professional judgement will communicate with the Leadership Team or parents regarding any concerns. The school funds this service from school fees received. As a result, we regrettably need to place a limit on how many consultations can be provided free of charge. The first three full consultations in any one year are free.

Beyond this a fee is negotiated. For further details please contact the Office.