Catholic Education South Australia

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Deputy Principal - Gennaro Mannella

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Assistant Principal RIM

Leadership Team Care

Our Leadership teams are committed to each and every child in the St Brigid's Catholic School community.

The Leadership team structure ensures that all staff and children across every year level have access to the support required. Our Leadership structure consists of :

  • Principal - Mr Paul Bennett
  • Deputy Principal - Mr Gennaro Mannella
  • Assistant Principal Religious Identity and Mission (APRIM) - Mrs Andrea White

 The Leadership Team is allocated dedicated years to oversee:

  • Reception to Year 3 classes - APRIM, Mrs Andrea White
  • Year 4 to 5 classes - Principal, Mr. Paul Bennett
  • Year 6/7 classes - Deputy Principal, Mr. Gennaro Mannella

However, any one member of the team can deal with any issues or concerns students or parents may have. Please feel that you are able to approach any of the team with questions or concerns about your child's learning or welfare.

The Leadership Team meets on a weekly basis to disseminate information regarding our student cohort and ensure the smooth running of the school.